Portable injected some spice into the online chatter surrounding Eniola Ajao’s latest movie. In a circulating video, he can be seen confronting Ajao about the decision to award Bobrisky the “best dressed female” prize at the premiere of the movie Ajakaju.

In his typical lively manner, Portable questions Ajao about the unconventional choice, asking, “Why would you give Bobrisky the best-dressed female award?” Interestingly, Ajao had previously admitted in another video that the award was a deliberate publicity stunt to generate buzz and attract more viewers to the movie.

In response to Portable’s inquiry, Ajao appears unfazed, playfully reminding him of her earlier revelation. The exchange ends on a light note, with both parties seemingly amused by the banter. They proceed to enjoy the screening of Ajakaju together.

While Portable’s outspokenness added some drama, it seems that both he and Ajao found humor in the situation. Whether the “controversy” was a genuine disagreement or just another strategic move for publicity remains open to interpretation.