Ayra Starr has released Goodbye (Warm Up) snippet featuring Asake, another installment off her forthcoming super-packed album, The Year I turned 21, We’ve provided the snippet lyrics to Goodbye below. Goodbye takes the second spot on Ayra’s 

Chorus: Ayra Sta
Goodbye (Goodbye)
To my (To my)
Ex (Ex), yes
Hello (Hello)
To my (To my)

Verse: Ayra Starr
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I do not accept your apology.
Just let me be; just let me be free.
Gimme lil’ space, step back, and let’s breathe.
I gave you the cold shoulder, and I really hope you freeze.
Until you burn
It almost had me in Burberry
Turn you to a brother; ain’t trying to get married
Wanna trap mе ’cause the money on hеr
Bring you to a god, [that I’m not soon buried?]
This shit piss me off; you’re too suspicious, too ridiculous.
Love ambiguous, now we broken up and I can fix you up.
Way past giving up, your face twisted up, you called, I can’t pick up.
I said I broke your heart, and I damaged you
Tryna make me the bad guy
(And now you miss my one- touch.)