A Ghanaian prophet once recounted a vision involving the late actor Junior Pope Odonwodo, warning of an impending disaster. In a resurfaced video from 2023, amid reports of the actor’s demise, the clergyman cautioned him about an accident foreseen from the spiritual realm.

During a radio appearance, the prophet directed a message to the Nigerian actor, advising him to investigate his paternal family and alleging hidden schemes against him. He described a looming darkness over the father-of-three, emphasizing the inevitability of tragedy striking.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the revelation, Instagram users expressed various sentiments. One user emphasized the spiritual nature of life, while another lamented the lack of intervention despite awareness. Others prayed against untimely deaths and stressed the importance of rejecting negative prophecies promptly.

Despite differing views, the overarching message underscored the significance of spiritual discernment and the need for proactive measures in the face of prophecies.