Portable has addressed rumors regarding his supposed rivalry with fellow artist Kizz Daniel, highlighting his dominance on the music charts.

The Tony Montana hitmaker clarified that he doesn’t perceive himself as competing with Kizz Daniel, contrary to speculation from some fans. Instead, he suggested that Kizz Daniel is the one vying for position with him.

In a video that surfaced online on Monday, April 8, 2024, Portable expressed his conviction that he currently holds the top spot as the reigning artist. He emphasized that discerning fans would recognize his current prominence in the music industry.

“Kizz Daniel is the one dragging with me. Some fans don’t have brains; if you do, you’ll understand I’m the one reigning. Kizz Daniel and I dominate the chart now. Any song we drop goes to number one,” Portable asserted.

This statement sheds light on the competitive dynamics within the Nigerian music scene, highlighting the ambition shared by artists striving for chart-topping success.