Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, recently revealed plans to venture into the fashion industry with the launch of brotherhood and sisterhood clothing lines.

In a video circulating online on Saturday, April 6, 2024, Portable outlined his vision, indicating his intention to produce two distinct sets of apparel tailored for brotherhood and sisterhood. He specified that the brotherhood clothing would be exclusively for men, while the sisterhood clothing would cater to women.

Portable emphasized the importance of maintaining the separation between the two lines and warned against any form of cross-dressing. He stressed that brotherhood clothing should only be worn by men, and sisterhood clothing should only be worn by women.

Additionally, Portable cautioned that individuals who disregard these guidelines and wear clothing not designated for their gender would face consequences, including identification, physical reprimand, and discipline.

Portable’s announcement comes amid ongoing debate following the controversial recognition of Bobrisky, a male crossdresser, who was awarded the title of best dressed in the female category at a prominent event.

As Portable prepares to launch his brotherhood and sisterhood clothing lines, his firm stance underscores his commitment to upholding traditional gender distinctions in fashion while addressing societal discussions surrounding gender expression and identity.