Kizz Daniel Lyrics

Examine the lyrics to Kizz Daniel’s song “Need Somebody.” Immerse yourself in the lyrical landscape crafted by the artist, delving into the narrative and emotions embedded within the verses. The song unfolds as a captivating tale, and Kizz Daniel‘s poetic prowess shines through as he articulates the nuances of temptation and the internal struggle that unfolds in the face of such allure.

Kizz Daniel – Need Somebody Lyrics

Verse 1
VDG yeah
Looking like a French and a Japanese
Come together to form family, yeah
I love you
You make a bad man soft
Ah eh
Body like a diva
Stay with me babe
Chill with me baby
Let mama pray for we eh yeah
For we for we
Shey you go roll with me o
If I no get money
If I no get money