Naira Marley shares a video with family amidst criticisms over Mohbad death

It’s heartening to see a different side of Naira Marley as a caring father in a heartwarming video circulating on social media. The Nigerian singer, also known as Azeez Fashola, recently showcased his paternal instincts by spending quality time with his children.

After being granted bail in connection with Mohbad’s case, the video, posted on Monday, January 1, 2024, captures Naira Marley taking on daddy duties with enthusiasm. The footage reveals delightful moments of his children playing joyfully in a bathtub, enjoying a playful time on a playground, and navigating a monster truck in a spacious area.

The video provides a glimpse into the fun-filled holiday moments shared between Naira Marley and his kids, showcasing a side of the artist that is often not as prominently featured in the public eye.

Amidst these heartwarming family moments, the children are also captured indoors, engrossed in play with their phones, showcasing the blend of traditional and modern aspects of family life.

This display of fatherly affection from Naira Marley comes on the heels of his recent release of a new song, marking a positive turn in his career after being granted bail. The juxtaposition of his personal and professional life in this video provides a more comprehensive view of the artist’s current endeavors and highlights the balance he maintains between family and career.