Mr Eazi Otedola private jet

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Oluwatosin Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi, has revealed that his father-in-law, Femi Otedola does not own a private jet despite being a billionaire.

He made the disclosure while fielding questions on Naija FM about his frequent travels to different countries.

The interviewer wanted to know if he uses a jet to move from one country to another because he often shares photos of himself at different choice destinations.

Mr Eazi Otedola private jet

In response, Mr Eazi said that he makes use of commercial aeroplanes and sometimes charters a private jet. The interviewer further inquired if the ‘Patek’ crooner utilised his father-in-law’s private jet during those travels.

He clarified that contrary to what many people think, Femi Otedola does not own a private jet.

“Most times na mix I dey use. I go enter commercial sometimes and when I dey go collect big money I got use private….My father-in-law sef no get private jet,” Eazi said.

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Prophet Amos of Jesus Christ Temple Ministry, Warri, Delta state, has stated that clergymen who own private jets or universities will not make heaven.

The man of God made the assertion during sermon in church, adding that pastors that have between N500 million to N1 billion in their bank accounts will also be left behind when rapture occurs.

Amos further said that clergymen who own universities and estates or ordain their wives would not see paradise.

He said; “Any pastor wey buy jet, if he see heaven, I pull my shoes. Any pastor wey get estate and university, if he see heaven, if the door of heaven open [for him], that means it will also open for Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Any prophet wey get N1 billion, N500 million for his account, na e be say na only him na e the gospel first reach. Any pastor wey ordain his wife, if he see heaven, na e be say na only you be first pastor wey marry. The apostles no marry? Show me their wives names for bible. All of them were married.”