Social media users’ responses to the late Nollywood actor “Sisi Quadri” coming back to life have been largely mixed.

Recall that on March 1st, 2024, Sisi Quadri, a native of Iwo, Osun State, was declared deceased.

The late Sisi Quadri was renowned for his extraordinary comic gift and his deft delivery of biting jabs.

Sisi Quadri portrayed characters burdened with the responsibility of humorously “yabbing” (moking) others.

His way of effortlessly mocking and yabbing others in comedy skits and movies makes him unique to the extent that many claim that there can never be someone who has Sisi Quadri talent in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

However, a new video of a secondary school boy displaying the actual characteristics of the late Sisi Quadri has become a trending conversation online.

In the video, the boy was seen raining insults at his colleague in one of his finest and swiftest manners.

Just like Sisi Quadri, the boy shows off some feminine gestures, and all these left many to claim that Sisi Quadri has reincarnated.