Ojapiano vocalist Kcee opened up about how he was scammed of $70k. He talked about his aversion to remixes ever since this horrific scandal.

KCee recently appeared on Isbae U’s YouTube show, where he discussed the evolution of his music career and notable achievements. During the interview, KCee made a surprising revelation about his aversion to paying for collaborations.

Renowned for his contributions to Ojapiano and Afrobeats music, KCee, shared insights into his lengthy career. He spoke on how he has maintained relevance in the industry for over three decades.

During the lighthearted exchange on the show Curiosity Made Me Ask, Isbae jokingly suggested that it was Kcee who paid One Republic to remix his hit track, Ojapiano. Kcee promptly denied this claim and took the opportunity to express his general dislike for remixing songs.

The singer disclosed that he once fell victim to a scam by an American artist who promised to collaborate on a remix of one of his songs for $70,000. Despite paying the sum, the remix never materialized, leading KCee to develop a policy of avoiding paying for remixes.