Uriel better than Nollywood actresses

Big Brother Naija Star, Uriel Oputa, has bragged that she is more talented in the area of acting than some contemporary Nollywood actresses.

She made the bold statement during an interview on Cool FM, as she disclosed that she has been approached by filmmakers to act in movies.

Uriel Nollywood

Uriel said she studied drama in the United Kingdom, and she knows that she is a good actor, but she rejects movie roles.

Uriel said: “A lot of people have approached me to be in movies. I get asked to be in movies all the time; in my DM, email, I get approached to be an actress.

“And I know that I’m a very good actress. I am probably better than some of the actresses in Nollywood right now. And that’s me being real. Apart from having a natural artiste instinct, I studied drama in the UK. So, I know that I’m quite a good actor.

“I’ve been approached by a lot of people to get into acting but I’ve always turned them down. The reason I turned down gigs for acting in Nigeria is because, one, you’re always going to be stereotyped into a role; two, some of the scripts are a bit too predictable; and three, they [filmmakers] don’t pay well.”

In another news…

Former contestant of Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Adeolu Okusaga popularly known as Saga, has said it is tough for reality TV stars to break into Nollywood.

The artist said filmmakers are weary of giving BBNaija Alumni movie roles because they don’t want to give them the impression that they are entitled to it simply because they participated in Big Brother.

Saga made this known in a recent interview, where he revealed that he has starred in a few movies. He explained that it may be a little difficult for them to be accepted in the Nigerian movie industry, but they will get there eventually.

He said; “I have acted in a few movies. It was tough breaking into Nollywood because most Nollywood practitioners don’t want us to feel like because we went to Big Brother’s House, we are entitled to these things. So, one has to earn it somehow. It may be a little bit difficult, but eventually one will get there little by little.”