In 2013, Arayinbogoke Busayo, a 16-year-old girl, claimed that she had given birth to a baby girl for a popular Osun State-born actor.

However, the actor denied the pregnancy and the child.

The two parties were separately interviewed on the well-known television program “Labe Orun,” where they each shared their version of the story.


He then revealed that he had s3x with her that day, but he discovered that other men had also slept with her at the location, to the point that he felt ashamed of knowing her. He suggested that she should approach Golugo if she was interested in acting.

The alleged daughter of the well-known Yoruba actor, Murphy Afolabi, has been expressing her desire to see her father, leading to an unexpected turn of events. According to reports, the young girl, Moyosoreoluwa Afolabi, who turned seven in August, has been struggling in school due to the absence of a fatherly figure in her life.

To settle the matter and confirm the child’s paternity, the actor was requested to take a DNA test, but he has adamantly refused to do so up to this point.