Fans react to Naira Marley’s new song release “Wahala”

Wahala, the latest release from Nigerian musician Naira Marley, has once again drawn the interest of music enthusiasts. The song, which was revealed during the early hours of December 29, 2023,  has sparked a wave of reactions from fans across various platforms.

The release of Wahala comes in the wake of previous controversies surrounding Naira Marley, including allegations related to the death of Mohbad, a former artist on his record label. Following Mohbad’s passing, some fans accused Naira Marley of contributing to the circumstances that led to the artist’s death, citing claims of blocking Mohbad from securing music gigs and endorsements, which allegedly impacted Mohbad’s well-being. Following a court settlement of those disputes, Naira Marley was granted bail in the amount of N20 million, along with three sureties.

Some fans have referred to the track Wahala, which was released without any prior promotion, as an addition to Naira Marley’s discography because it combines Afrobeat with other musical genres to produce a distinctive sound. Fans have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to express their excitement and different opinions about the new release.