Mr Ibu wife arrest daughter

Stella Maris, the wife of veteran actor, Mr Ibu has allegedly gotten his sons and daughter, Jasmine arrested over the disappearance of money donated for his treatment.

Popular actress, Doris Ogala made this known through her Instagram page, saying the siblings are detained at Alagbon police station, Lagos.

Mr Ibu wife daughter police station

According to her, Stella Maris accused Jasmine and her step brothers of taking N300 million naira from the account designated to receive donations for Mr Ibu.

It was learnt that the Nollywood star’s wife wanted a house to be bought for her from the money contributed so far.

Doris added that after their arrest, investigations were conducted by the police, and it was discovered that the donated sum was not up to N300m.

Mr Ibu

Her words; “Jasmine and Ibu’s sons were arrested at Alagbon Police Station. They are detained there. Ibu’s wife alleged that Jasmine moved 300 million out of the account Ibu’s wife allegedly wanted them to buy her new house from the money contributed so far for Ibu’s treatments.

“That’s why she arrested Jasmine. But investigation states that the money contributed isn’t even up to 300 million”.

Ibu daughter arrested

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Nigerian rap sensation, Vic O has said he would always pray not to marry a woman like Mr Ibu’s wife because she is insensitive and materialistic.

It may be recalled that Mrs Okafor recently accused the veteran actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, of hijacking the funds donated for his surgery.

But Mr Ibu’s second son, Daniel swiftly debunked the claim and clarified that he was the one in charge of the movie star’s account.

Vic O reacted to the incident via a video shared on his Instagram page, and lambasted Stella Maris for fighting over donations at a time her husband is fighting for his life in the hospital.

He said, “I pray that anytime that I want to settle down I will not find a woman like John Okafor’s wife. Your husband is fighting for his life in the hospital, you’re there sitting down, posting; claiming that people are trying to siphon money that was donated for your husband’s health.

“And you are not even going to the hospital to take care of him. I pray that if I’m to settle down I will not see a woman like John Okafor’s wife because she is a devil in person.”