Mohbad Wunmi DNA test

Popular singer, Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba, has made a U-turn on her decision to allow a DNA test to be conducted on their six-month-old child, Liam Aloba.

CorrectNG reports that Mohbad’s father, and some concerned Nigerians have intensified calls for Liam to undergo a test to determine if the later rapper is indeed his father.

Mohbad parents wedding

Wunmi, who had previously expressed her willingness to prove the paternity, has now reversed her decision to test her son, saying she is no longer open to a DNA test on Liam.

Speaking in an audio message which surfaced online, the mother of one said only her late husband has the right to request a DNA test from her.

Wunmi said: “Mohbad disvirgined me; nobody has the right to tell me to do a DNA test. I have never slept with any man except him. I will never do any DNA; no one can tell me to do DNA except I wish to. Koni daa fun gbogbo yin ranting about DNA.”

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CorrectNG reported earlier that Iyabo Ojo opened up on some of the requests made by Omowunmi Aloba, the widow of late rapper, Mohbad.

She said Wunmi declared readiness for a DNA test to be conducted on her son, Liam Aloba, but she demanded that they be done in three different places.

One of the three places for the paternity test is Nigeria, the second is to be done in the United States, while the last remains unknown.

Iyabo said; “But you know she has her lawyers. Their family matter is something I do not want to get involved with. I just decided to wade in and tell Wunmi, ‘What about the DNA thing?’ I had to do that with a lot of maturity.

“You have to understand that it is not easy. She is a mother. She is an adult. Someone cannot just come to me and say, ‘Iyabo, get a DNA test done for your child’. It kinda sounds funny. They also requested that Mohbad’s father needs to get the test done first. He needs to get a court order.

“He also needs to make sure that the test is done in three places, which America is part of. And they have to fund the whole bill. They have also responded that they are ready to do all that”.